PCB Assembly Express specializes in Quickturn Prototype PCB Assembly and Low Volume Electronics Assembly.

We are a one-stop PCB assembly shop. We offer a variety of services for your convenience. You can learn more about a particular service by clicking on its corresponding tab above.

Getting an Instant Quote

A typical user will first click on the PCB FAB tab to get an instant PCB fabrication quote and then click on the PCB Assembly tab to get a PCB assembly quote. But you could create your quote in any order you would like.

You get an instant quote by filling out a quote form and then clicking on the Calculate Button. For example to get a Low Cost Offshore PCB assembly quote you will need to fill out the Offshore PCB Assembly Form and click on the calculate button. A Price Matrix showing quantities, lead times and prices will appear at the top of the form.

The Quote Assistant

The Quote Assistance is an area on the left side of the screen that we use to walk you through the entire quote process. The Quote Assistant knows where you are in the quote process and it tells you what your options are along the way. Let's assume that you are trying to quote ITAR boards. The Quote Assistant will tell you to select our US Full Service PCBs.

The Quote Summary Page

The Quote Summary Page is similar to an Order Confirmation Page. It allows you to review your entire quote (e.g. PCB fabrication, Parts and PCB assembly). From this page you can save your quote for later, modify your quote or proceed to checkout.


PCB Assembly Express is a sophisticated web application that enables you to instantly quote your PCB Fabrication and PCB assembly cost. You can save a quote for a later time, modify an existing quote and order online. At this time you can not quote your board components online but you can submit a quote from the Parts Page. We will return a parts quote within 48 hours.

Getting an Offline Quote

The Offline Quote (also known as a Custom Quote) was designed for users who may not know the PCB manufacturing specs like the copper weight or the number of SMT components on the board. Engineers usually prefer instant quotes. Buyers prefer offline quotes.

The Quote Cart

The Quote Cart located on the left side of the screen was designed to work like a shopping cart. It helps you keep track of what you are quoting. For example, you can add PCB fabrication to the quote cart by simply making a selection from the price matrix.

Placing an Order

From the Quote Summary Page you can place an order by clicking on the checkout button. The checkout process consists of a Shipping Methods Page, a Payment Page and a Thank You page. Once you place an online order you will automatically receive an order confirmation email.