You can now get Cutting Edge Offshore Printed Circuit Boards for a Fraction of what you usually pay as fast as 24-Hour Turn!

Cutting Edge Technology
  • Offshore Printed Circuit Boards up to 30 layers
  • 2.5-mil traces and 3.5-mil spaces
  • Minimum drill size 8-mil
  • Blind and Buried Via
  • Controlled Impedance
  • High temperature, high frequency material
  • Aluminum and other special materials
  • RoHs Compliant
  • ISO-9001 and UL certified


    Specification 1 Specification 2 Unit Standard Special
    Inspection standard Quality Inspection GB/T 16261-1996, IPC-6012 Class II IPC-6012 Class 3 GJB362-96
    Test method IPC-TM-650, GB/T4677-2002
    Cam department Accept data TANGO, PROTEL series, PADS2000, Power PCB, AUTOCAD, PCAD
    Cam operation software Genisis, CAM350, GC-CAM
    General capability Max layer Layer 26 30
    Max board size(high frequency /FR4 material) inch 16x18 / 20x24 22x42
    Min board size(not panel) mm 20*30
    Min and Max board thickness mm 0.3 - 4.0 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 2-layer mm 0.4 - 4.0 0.3 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 4-layer mm 0.6 - 4.0 0.45 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 6-layer mm 0.8 - 4.0 0.65 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 8-layer mm 1.2 - 4.0 1.0 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 10-layer mm 1.5 - 4.0 1.2 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 12-layer mm 1.6 - 4.0 1.4 - 5.0
    Min and Max Board Thickness 14-layer mm 1.8 - 4.0 1.65 - 5.0
    Max Aspect Ratio 10:1 (Related min hole size 0.20mm)
    Min drilling size mm 0.2
    Max. Inner layer copper finished (oz) oz 3 5
    Max. Outer layer copper finished (oz) oz 4 6
    Min BGA pad diameter (No via pad) mil 10
    Min SMT/BGA space mil 8
    FR4 core/prepreg thickness Core thickness
    (base copper Hoz/Hoz, 1oz/1oz)
    0.05 H/H
    base copper:
    Prepreg thickness mm 7628=0.185, 2116=0.105, 3313=0.095, 1080=0.075
    mil 7628=7.28, 2116=4.13, 3313=3.74, 1080=2.95
    Special Material Rogers Ro4350, Ro4350B, Ro4003, Ro4003C, Prepreg:RO4403 (4mil), RO4350(4mil)
    Arlon AD350, AR1000, 25FR, 33N, Diclad527, 85N, etc
    Isola 370HR
    Halogen-Free (Tg=130) Shengyi core: S1155, PP: S0155
    Halogen-Free (TG=170) Shengyi core: S1165, PP: S0165
    High TG Shengyi core : S1170 pp: S070
    Surface Treatment Surface HAL, HAL Lead free, Immersion gold, immersion Sn, Immersion silver, OSP, Carbon ink, Flash gold
    Gold finger Hard gold, flash gold
    Impedance Control Material FR-4, Rogers, Arlon?Taconic
    Tolerance % 10 5

    Process Capability

    Spec 1 Spec 2 unit Standard Special
    Image transfer Min trace width/space in inner layer 1/2oz base mil 4/4
    1oz base mil 5/5
    2oz base mil 8/8.5
    3oz base mil 12/10.5
    4oz base mil 18/14
    Min trace width/space in outer layer 1/2oz base mil 4/4.7
    1oz base mil 5/5.2
    2oz base mil 9/9.5
    3oz base mil 12/14
    4oz base mil 18/21
    Compensation to inner layer (Hoz/1oz/2oz/3oz/4oz) mil 0.5/1.0/2.5/3.5/6.0
    Compensation to outer layer (Hoz/1oz/2oz/3oz/4oz) mil 1.2/1.7/4.5/6.0/9.0
    Inner layer isolation ring width(single side) (Min) mil 10(≤6 layer);12(7-14 layer);14(layer≥14)
    Through hole min pad ring size (inner) mil 5(1/2oz,1oz),6(2oz),8(3oz)
    Through hole min pad ring size (outer) mil 4 (before compensation)
    Min inner layer isolation strip width(after compensation) mil 8 7
    Min space from conductor to board edge in inner layer mil 8 7
    Min space from conductor to board edge in outer layer mil 8 6
    Min grid trace width/space finished size mil

    6/6(1/2oz Base); 6/6(1oz Base); 10/8(2oz Base)

    10/10(3oz Base); 12/12(4oz Base)

    Min Via pad size(single side) 4 3
    Etching logo line width(Min) mil 8(1/2oz Base); 10(1oz Base); 12(2oz Base)
    Laminating Min dielectric thickness mm 18um Base)
    Max dielectric thickness(no bare core) mm 7628+2116+7628=0.185+0. 105+0.185=0.475
    Board thickness tol. (T1.0mm) mm 0.1
    Board thickness tol.(T>1.0mm) % 10(1.0mm<T2.4mm),8(T>2.4mm)
    Twist % 0.7 (NO SMT board);0.5(SMT board) 0.2
    Drilling Drilling size mm 0.2-6.3(step:0.05mm) 0.15
    Min drilling size for High frequency board mm 0.25 0.20
    Min NPTH in first drilling step mm 0.5 0.2
    Hole wall to conductor space(Min) mil 8(6layer );10(14layer)
    Min hole to conductor space for blind/buried board mil 9(1 time laminating);10(2 or 3times laminating)
    Min. space from two hole wall in the same network mil 6(after compensation)
    Min space from two hole wall in the diff. network mil 12(after compensation)
    Space from two NPTH wall(Min) mil 8
    Hole position tol. mil 3
    Press fit hole tol. mil 6
    Drilling diameter tol. mm 0.04
    Drilling slot tol. mm 0.15(long side)0.10(short side)
    Mill cutter diameter mm 0.60--1.20
    Slot length direction/width direction 1.8?1
    Depth tol. of step hole and countersink mm 0.2 0.10
    Tol. of Step hole and countersink mm 0.15 0.10
    Hole angle tol. of step hole and counter sink 10
    PTH Min. copper thickness in hole um 20
    Solder mask(S/M) S/M type Nanya LP-4G
    S/M color green, yellow, black, white, red, blue
    S/M opening single side(Min) mil 2
    Min S/M opening width for logo mil 8
    Min S/M opening single side for NPTH mil 4
    S/M bridge(Min) mil 4(green),5(other color)
    S/M hardness H 6
    S/M thickness(corner of the trace)(Min) um 10
    S/M thickness over via um 8-10 15
    S/M over max copper oz 4
    Plugged via(Max) mm 0.35 0.4-0.8
    Silkscreen Silkscreen color white, black, yellow, grey
    Silkscreen line Width/Height(18um Base) mil 4/27
    Silkscreen line Width/Height(35um Base) mil 5/30
    Silkscreen line Width/Height(70um Base) mil 6/45
    Min space from silkscreen to pads mil 6 4
    Min space between carbon ink pad mil 15 12
    Min space between carbon ink and conductor mil 10 8
    Carbon ink larger than conductor by min. size mil 6 4
    Carbon ink sheet resistance ohm 15
    Peellable mask SD-2955,SD-2954, HL-808B(QUNQIANG)
    Silkscreen Peelable mask thickness mm 0.20--0.50
    Peelable mask opening larger than conductor by min size mil 7 6
    Min space from peelable mask to pad(min) mil 16 14
    Max plugged via size for peelable mask mm 5
    Gold finger Ni thickness standard um 3-5
    Au thickness standard um 0.8-1.3
    Max finger length(max) inch 2
    Finger space(min) mil 7
    Immersion gold Ni thickness standard um 3-6
    Au thickness standard um 0.05--0.075 0.05-0.1
    Immersion Sn Sn thickness mm 0.80-1.20
    Min board size mm 50*100
    Immersion Ag Ag thickness um 0.10-0.30
    Min board size mm 60*80
    OSP OSP thickness um 0.15-0.30
    Min board size mm 110*110
    HASL Min SMT/BGA pad space mil 6
    Board thickness(finished) mm 0.6-3.0 0.5-4.0
    Sn thickness um 2?40
    Lead free HASL Sn thickness um 2-40
    Routing Outline tol. mil 6 4
    Milling cutter size(Min) mm 0.8
    Radius at inner angle(Min) mm 0.5 0.4
    Chamfer angle for gold finger 20---60
    Gold finger chamfer angle tol. 5
    Gold finger chamfer depth tol. mm 0.20
    Slot size tol.(milling slot) mm 0.15 0.12
    Second drilling step hole tol. mil 3
    Second drilling step hole location tol. mil 5
    V-CUT angle 20,30,45,60
    V-CUT angle tol. 5
    V-CUT symmetry tol. mm 0.05
    V-CUT web thickness tol. mm 0.1
    Min dis. from V-cut central line to conductor (T1.0) mm 0.3(20),0.33(30),0.37(45),0.42(60)
    Min dis. from V-cut central line to conductor (1.0<=T1.6) mm 0.36(20),0.4(30),0.5(45),0.6(60)
    Min dis. from V-cut central line to conductor (1.6<=T2.4) mm 0.42(20),0.51(30),0.64(45),0.8(60)
    Min dis. from V-cut central line to conductor (2.5<=T3.2) mm 0.47(20),0.59(30):0.77(45):0.97(60)
    Remain thickness tol. of Gold finger after chamfer mil 5
    Guide trace for gold finger mil 20 10
    Bridge+stamp hole standard design 3drill hole in one bridge, hole wall dis. 0.3mm,4 hole wall, hole size0.6-1.0mm,bridge dis.3inch
    E-test Space form e-test point to board edge mm 0.5
    Resistance for Short ohm 10 7
    Resistance for Opens (min) ohm 5
    Insulation resistance for Shorts (max) M ohm 100
    Test voltage v 200 500
    electric current (max) mA 200
    FQC report and test COC report standard
    Impedance control test standard
    Micro-section test standard
    Thermal shock test
    Withstanding voltage test
    Ionic contamination test
    Solder ability test
    Insulation resistance test
    Peel-able strength test