Sit back and relax, we'll do it all for you!

This type of service is for a turn-key job where you provide the design files, we get the PCBs, the board level components, the SMT stencil and then return assembled boards to you.

How to get a Turn-key PCB Assembly Quote

You can get a quote in a number of ways:
  1. Online Quote: Engineers prefer this method of quoting because they can a quote instantly. To get an online quote:
  2. a. From the home page click on the PCB Assembly Tab and select US or Offshore PCB Assembly.
    b. Fill out quote form and click on the calculate button.
    c. Add your quote to the Quote Cart by making a selection from the Price Matrix.
  3. Offline Quote: Buyers sometimes prefer this method of quoting because they may not know the manufacturing specs.
  4. a. From the Quote & Order Menu select Offline Custom Quote.
    b. Fill out quote form and click on the submit button.
    c. A quote will be emailed to you.
  5. Email: You can also get a quote by emailing us at support@pcbassemblyexpress.com. Please attach all your files.
  6. Call us: Or you can call us at (800) 651-7250

How to get a PCB Fabrication Quote

PCB Assembly Express offers PCB fabrication. From the home page click on the PCB Fabrication Tab and select US QuickTurn PCBs, US Full Service PCBs or Offshore PCBs.

How to place a Turn-key PCB Assembly Order

Open your quote on the Quote Summary Page and click on the Checkout button. The checkout process consits of a Shipping Page where you can select a shipping method, a Payment Page where you can enter your credit card information and a Thank You Page with order information. The Quote Summary Page is typically accessed in one of the following ways:
  1. Quote Cart: You just finishing getting an online quote. You added your quote to the Quote Cart and clicked on the Order Now button.
  2. My Account You opened a quote from My Account by clicking on the quote number.
  3. Email: You received an email after saving an online quote or after submitting an offline quote. The email contains a quote and a Order Now button. You clicked on the Order Now button

Files Requirements

Please combine the following files into a single ZIP file. Upload the file from the Quote Summary Page or email it to support@pcbassemblyexpress.com. Make sure you put your order number in the subject field. Eg.: "Files for order AE######".

1. Bill Of Materials (BOM)
We can accept your BOM in a number of formats but we recommend that you use PCB Assembly Express BOM when building your BOM. Please be sure to set the 'Type' field to to the correct value and use DNS (do not stuff) for any components we will not be placing. Your BOM should include:

  • Quantity of each part
  • Reference designator
  • Part number (Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark part numbers are okay)
  • Part description
  • Package description (QFN32, SOIC, 0805, etc. package is very helpful but not required).
  • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, Fine-pitch, BGA, etc.).
2. Gerbers
Please include all gerber files. At a minimum we need top and bottom silkscreen, copper and the solder paste layers.

3. Centroid
It should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

Our Assembly Process

There are a number of tasks that we must complete after you place your turn-key PCB assembly order. These tasks include:

  1. Confirm the necessary files and order details.
  2. Order and receive the printed circuit boards and the board level components.
  3. Order and receive the SMT paste stencil if necessary.
  4. Program our machines from the BOM and Centroid file, before the materials arrive.
  5. Materials are received in. Materials are audited before your job is run.
  6. If all materials are in before noon, the assembly clock starts that day. If after noon, the clock starts the next day.
  7. A SMT stencil and stencil printer are used to mechanically apply the paste.
  8. An automatic pick and place machine place the SMT components.
  9. A SMT reflow oven is used to reflow the solder onto the SMT components.
  10. BGA components are X-rayed to verify placement accuracy and to detect any solder bridges.
  11. Thru-hole parts are inserted by hand. They may also be wave soldered depending on the board layout.
  12. A final quality check is performed.
  13. The finished PC board assemblies and all extra materials are shipped back to you.